Fresh Eatables

Sewell & Co. advertised good, fresh eatables at money saving prices in this ad from the February 24, 1900 Skidmore Standard (click to enlarge):

Sewell & Co. Just Arrived.  Embroidereies, dress shirts, table linens, muslins, men's and women's shoes, window shades.  Groceries.  Our grocery department is always full of good, fresh eatables, at money saving prices.  We quote you a few prices to give you an idea of how we are selling them.  3 3 pound cans Pumpkin, 25 cents.  3 3 pound cans hominy, 25 cents.  3 3 pound cans Boston Baked Beans, 25 cents, 6 cans oil sardines 25 cents, 2 pounds fine dried peaches, 25 cents, 3 pounds fine prunes, 25 cents, 4 2 pound packages oatmeal, 25 cents, 18 pounds granulated sugar, $1.00, 13 cans corn, $1.00, 13 cans tomatoes, $1.00, 10 packages Lion coffee, $1.00, 35 pounds navy beans, $1.00.  Tobacco!  We carry a fancy line of smoking and chewing tobacco.  Standard Navy per pound 30 cents.  Battle Ax 30 cents.  Horse Shoe 40 cents.  Star 40 cents.  Corn Cake 20 cents.  We want your poultry and are paying good prices.  Don't sell until you see us.  Sewell and Co., The Leaders.

Sewell & Co., The Leaders, advertise in February 1900. Click to enlarge.