Gathers the Golden Ears

Your humble storyteller is always pleased to find a report of one who has found his calling (or at least one who is very good at what he does). Such a report appeared in the November 9, 1900 Skidmore Standard:

He Gathers the Golden Ears.

We oftentimes hear and read that the successful men are those who are doing what they ought to do – that is, what their capabilities are best adapted to. The great trouble with most people is, that they can not find what they ought to do. But J. J. Barker, of near Maitland, would have no trouble deciding this momentous question if there were such a thing as a continuous corn harvest. Mr. Barker is a corn husker. He recently husked 2,054 bushels of the king cereal in just 16 1/2 successive days, which is an average of a little more than 124 bushels per day. This record was made in Ed Goodpasture’s field. It is hardly necessary to add that Mr. Goodpasture is a good corn grower, since afield of good corn would be a necessity for making the above record, and then too, when you happen to think about it, most good pastures usually are the best corn producers (our apologies to Mr. Goodpasture) when devoted to that branch of farming.