Give Your Wife a Bank Book for a Valentine

Ever the romantics, the fine gentlemen at the Farmers Bank in Skidmore offered the following last-minute shopping advice for Valentine’s Day in 1914.

Give your wife a bank book for a Valentine.  We respectfully solicit both the saving and checking accounts of the women of this community. You can buy to better advantage when you pay your bills regularly with checks; you also have a record of just what you spend, and what you spent it for and a legal receipt for every bill you pay.  It will help you economize.  A savings bank book will be the most interesting you have ever read, and will make you independent.  Farm Loans at Low Rates.  The Farmers Bank.  Robert Montgomery, President.  H. W. Montgomery, Cashier.  W. H. Hoblitzell, Assistant Cashier.  Make This Bank Your Banking Home.

From the Skidmore New Era, February 12, 1914, page 1.