Go Somewhere Where Things Suit You

Some strong words of advice from the May 29, 1903 Skidmore Standard, page 1:

Good Advice.

There are some people who are always telling how much better some other town is than this.  There is no reasonable excuse for a man living in a town if he doesn’t like it. If you have no word of recommendation to say for your town, its institutions or the people, emigrate.  You won’t stop the course of events by going away, neither will your carping criticism cut any figure if you remain.  The church bells will have the same musical ring, the dogs will play just as briskly, the fish will bite just as well, and the pure air and bright sunshine will have the same health giving properties.  Speak a good word for you can’t everlastingly enlarge on their faults.  If you become thoroughly sore and can’t see any good in your town, move away.  Go somewhere where things suit you.