Good Old Missouri, 1906

As printed in the November 15, 1906 Skidmore New Era, page 4:

Good Old Missouri.

It has often been said that a wall could be built around Missouri and the outside world shut out and all inhabitants would live as well and luxuriously as now, but it remained for the state labor bureau to prove this assertion.

In 1905 the farmers of Missouri, according to the 1906 report of the state labor bureau, raised more than enough necessities and also a large variety of commodities which are classed as luxuries.

Enough wool is clipped and cotton raised to supply all clothing and enough hides and pelts sent to market for shoes and other leather goods.

For real cold weather the game of the state annually supplies enough furs for muffs, gloves and heavy wraps with some to spare for rugs and other similar household furnishings.

The forestry products are sufficient to supply the demand of everything in the timber line, including tar for roofs and woodenware for the kitchen.  The southwest counties can supply enough cottonwood and willow for paper for the printers and all others needing this article.

The supply of coal is inexhaustible and the same may be said of iron, lead and other minerals.

There are traces of gold and silver in the state and every variety of stone is found in large quantities.  Lime and cement are turned out in immense quantities and the material from which they are made will last forever.

Every vegetable root and herb used in the compounding of medicines can be and is grown here.

Sufficient tobacco is raised to supply the demand for smoking and chewing and for those who want a pipe there is the famous “Missouri meerschaum” made from a corn cob.

Popcorn is grown plentifully and more than supplies the demand of the state.  The surplus of 1905 was 85,249 pounds, which sold for $1,246. — Oregon Sentinel.


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