Good Shoes, Good Store

Ad for shoes at Sewell Brothers and Montgomery in Skidmore, Missouri, 1900.

Sewell Bros. & Montgomery advertise good shoes at a good store in the Skidmore Standard, March 2, 1900, page 1.

From the March 2, 1900 Skidmore Standard, page 1:

Good Shoes at a Good Store.

To many people, all stores and all shoes look alike.  Some people carry the idea that $2.49 will do the work of $5.00.  That a cheap pair of shoes will give the comfort and satisfaction that good leather will.  Our shoes and our stores may not be the best, but many people seem to think there is nothing better hereabouts.

$3.50  Here is the very best $3.50 shoe ever made for men to wear.  Best in style.  Best in Quality.  Best in Comfort.  Every shape to fit your foot and taste.  Calf, Russia Calf, Box Calf, Vici Kid, Black or Russet.

Puritan is the shoe for you.  Other special values in men’s dress shoes at $3.25, $3.00.

We sell stylish dress shoes for women from $2.00 to $2.50 as well as all kinds of shoes for all kinds of people.  Our Men’s Seal Goat Water Proof shoe still retains its popularity for wet weather and serviceable wear.  Despite the heavy advance in shoes, we are still able to sell them for $3.00 and you’ll pay a great deal more to get one better.

Buy your shoes of us and you will wear good shoes.  Sewell Bros. & Montgomery.