Goodwill from the Mound City Electric Light and Ice Co.

Best wishes for this holiday season from the 1922 Mound City Electric Light and Ice Company (click to enlarge):

Good-Will.  This is the season of good-will -- a time when the heart-strings and the purse-strings vibrate in unison.  Some confine the expression of their good-will sentiments to this particular period.  But this organization is not governed by the seasons.  Good-will building is a year-round effort with us.  Good-will dominated this company in its relations with its customers.  It is reflected in our service, which is provided at the lowest possible rate compatible with the cost of providing that service.  In turn, we want your good will.  The best way to obtain good will is to merit it.  We are striving to merit yours.  Mound City Electric Light and Ice Co.

From the December 21, 1922 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 2.