Graham Band is All Right

From the September 9, 1902 Skidmore Standard, page 1:

Graham Boys are All Right.

The Graham band which is to help make music for the Punkin Show received the following nice compliment at the hands of the Maryville Tribune in last week’s issue:

“Everybody had something nice to say about the concert given by the Graham band in Maryville Friday night. The boys drove over in the afternoon and for two hours jammed wind in the court house square to a queen’s taste. There are fifteen of them and each one is in the artist’s class. Most of them are young men and fine looking boys and their appearance is added to by elegant uniforms.

It is probable that the Graham band will play in Maryville during street fair week and more than probable that they will be here at least one day. The Graham boys made a lot of friends for themselves and their music in Maryville Friday night.”