Half Fare Ticket

A legal question from the St. Joseph News, as reprinted in the September 28, 1900 Skidmore Standard:

An interesting legal battle is likely to grow out of an incident that recently took place on a Santa Fe passenger train. A young man twenty-one years of age presented the return coupon of a child’s half rate ticket for transportation from San Francisco. He had bought the ticket eleven years ago, it was unlimited as to time, and he claimed the right to use the ticket on his return trip. The railroad officials, on the other hand, argued that as it was a half rate ticket good for a child under twelve years of age, he, a man of twenty-one, could not ride on it. The contract on the back did not specify that the child was to stop growing, however, and now the question is, can the young man compel the railroad to carry him on that ticket. – St. Joseph News.