Happy Birthday, Helen Hutt

News of an entertainment superb with class, from the June 22, 1911 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 3:

A Birthday Party.

On the sixteenth day of June, in the evening, there assembled at the home of Miss Helen Hutt, a gay group of merry makers, to celebrate the birthday of Miss Helen — and they did!

Lighted by the softened glow from numerous Japanese lanterns, the lawn was a picturesque spot, made doubly comfortable by a border of lawn seats and chairs, used principally by the “wall flowers,” wom it seems must always be a necessary evil, but also appreciated by the more lively participants in the various games indulged in during the evening, intersected by a few short intermissions of rest and quiet.

The moon kindly consented to remain behind the eastern hills until the evening was spent, and weather conditions were ideal for a lawn party.

Viewed from every standpoint, it is impossible to anticipate a more successful social affair.  The presents were beautiful and appreciated, the refreshments appetizing, and daintily served and the whole entertainment superb with class.

About the usual run of games were played, then came music, and “Casey Jones” as a duet, executed by Miss Laura Weddle and Ham Bramble, which was loudly encored, while a bunch on the porch kept asking for another waltz — not too fast.

It was slightly late when the party disbanded and departed by twos and fours, etc., and the two little ladies who presided over the punch bowl were with difficulty dispelling the enticing arms of the God Morpheus.

All present reported a dandy time and fervently wished the young hostess many more such successful fetes.  EXTRA