Happy Birthday, Robert Barrett

Social news from the Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), June 23, 1910, page 6:

A Birthday Surprise.

Monday, June 20th, being Robert Barrett’s 60th birthday anniversary, his wife, brothers and sisters planned a surprise for him.

Those present were, Rev. Reuben Barrett and wife, John Barrett, C. W. Barrett and wife, Mrs. Ellen Russell, Mrs. S. L. Russell, Mrs. Henry Barrett and Ellwood Barrett.

Three of his brothers, Henry of Skidmore, William of Sugar Grove, Pa., and James E. of Gillett, Ark., and one sister, Mrs. Rose Abbott, of Pa., could not be present.  His sister, Mrs. Ellen Russell and nephew, Harry Barrett of Sugar Grove, were visiting here and were enabled to attend the surprise.

We need not tell you that a great dinner was served, as it would be impossible to get that many good cooks together on an occasion of this kind without having a grand feast.

Just ten years ago Mrs. Barrett gave Mr. Barrett his fiftieth birthday surprise.  Mr. Barrett then lived on his farm west of town and was plowing corn, and is now reminded that crops that year were about as backward as this year and yet it was a good crop year after all.