From the December 9, 1926 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Young Skidmore Couple Are United in Marriage

An announcement was made in Skidmore Friday of the marriage of Miss Bess Mitchell and Mr. Blair Harrison.

The marriage ceremony took place in Maryville on last Thursday afternoon and was performed by the Rev. R. E. Musgrave, pastor of the Christian Church, of that city.

Mrs. Harrison is an employee of the Bank of Skidmore, and is very popular among the younger set of this city.

Mr. Harrison is employed by the Farmers Garage of Skidmore.  He too, is well liked by the community.

The young people were accompanied to Maryville by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kill.

The two will reside this winter with Mrs. Harrison’s grandmother, Mrs. Rachel Mitchell.

Mr. and Mrs. Harrison have the wishes of the people of Skidmore for a long and happy married life.