Hearty Cooperation

We imagine modern teachers would agree with many of the following requests. From the March 7, 1907 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 5:


We wish to invite closer attention of parents to the work of their children and earnestly request that they examine the grade books carefully. It will be shown by an examination of these quarterly reports that some children are not doing satisfactory work. To each parent we would suggest that you examine carefully your children’s report books and if his or her work is not satisfactory, ascertain the cause and give the teachers earnest support in their endeavors to secure more efficient work.

There have been a number of tardies during the past quarter. This should not be, nor should any pupil be allowed to be absent from school without good reasons. And if it is necessary for pupils to be absent, the parent should kindly send an excuse, stating reasons for such absence. Pupils should not be allowed to remain at home to prevent being tardy.

We need the hearty co-operation of the parents to get the best possible results. As teachers we realize the need of this co-operation to a greater extent than you as parents do. We have an interest in your children. Have you? Should we not, then, unite our efforts to their good?

L. J. Stewart, Supt.