Hearty Party

From the February 15, 1912 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

“Hearty” Party.

Friday evening a very pleasant and unique “Hearty” party was given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Howden, for the Neighborly Club and their husbands. The host and hostess were assisted in entertaining by Mesdames E. T. Duval, Theo. Gray, and D. R. Baker.

Upon the arrival of the guests they were escorted to the dressing rooms where they left their wraps; they were then directed to the stairway landing, where they were given a string and told to wind it up and not break it, that at the other end they would find their seats. It was certainly fun to see men like T. L. Howden, Hi Montgomery and J. C. Spahr and others, climbing chairs, and untying knots above picture frames, then following the string under carpets, etc., to find the coveted seat. Upon arrival at the chair they found attached to the string a pretty valentine, with an appropriate verse upon the back which they were afterwards required to read before the crowd.

After the guests arrived and were seated tables were brought in and Som-er-Set played until a late hour, when the tables were spread with dainty doilies and a two-course luncheon served consisting of heart shaped sandwiches, pickles and coffee, afterwards heart shaped cakes and “Mousse.”

The house was beautifully decorated with hearts and the colors red and white prevailed throughout the artistically arranged rooms.

After the lunch was served and the tables cleared a string of hearts was stretched across the archway in the front parlors, and a game of “Throwing at Hearts” was indulged in. The highest score was won by A. C. Dodds, who was given a pretty valentine for a prize. In the game of Som-er-Set, R. A. Walker won the prize, also a pretty valentine.

It was past 12 o’clock when the guests departed to their homes, declaring they had spent one of the happiest evenings of their lives.