High School Arithmetic, 1914

The January 15, 1914 Skidmore New Era reported on a new class delivered at the high school. We think perhaps we could use such a course today.

Skidmore High School

Prof. Faris has just completed plans for a course in High School Arithmetic to be given the second semester. This course will be offered to those who have had two years of algebra and have completed plane and solid geometry. It is designed to meet the demands of everyday business life and to serve as a review for former mathematical work. The course will be of special benefit to those interested in any phase of teaching or who are contemplating going directly into business as it deals not only with the science of numbers but also with modern methods of making notes, drafts, mortgages, deeds, etc. Mr. Faris will teach the course.


This week closes the first semester of the year. Though frequent stops have been made the work in all departments being well covered and with one or two exceptions, classes will have done all the work outlined for the first half of the year. The teachers are basing their estimate of pupils worth more upon daily recitations than upon final examinations and in doing this they are deviating from the common practice. They base this action upon the theory that work done well every day makes for better habits of study and more efficient students than the cramming method that is used in many of our high schools today.