Hitchracks, 1923

Hitchracks were a common theme in the 1899-1904 Skidmore Standard.  They continued to appear as an issue on occasion in the paper’s successor, the Skidmore New Era, and to our surprise, they were still making news in the Skidmore News in 1923.  Good parking spaces downtown are a timeless, universal issue, we suppose.  From the Skidmore News, June 14, 1923, page 1 (of course):

To Repair Hitchracks.

Street Commissioner, A. E. Johnson, has been instructed by the city council to repair the hitchracks in Skidmore.  This is something that should have been done some time ago, and the city council has acted none too soon.  The way the roads have been the past two weeks, cars could not run very good and many of the Skidmore traders drove their teams to town, which shows that the city’s hitch-racks needs repairing and that some new ones would have come in handy.

Mr. Johnson intends to put in some new posts and fix the chain in the hitchrack across the street from the stock yards and will try and grade the street so there will not be such a mud hole.

The hitchrack west of the Burlington depot is in pretty fair condition and those driving teams to town can find a good place to tie — and not in the mud, either.