Hot Air from Texas, 1918

From the February 7, 1918 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri):

Letter from Texas

Hereford, Texas, Jan. 27, 1918.

Skidmore News: —

I want to give your readers some hot air from Texas.

Conditions are good here.  We seem to be a happy bunch of people.  Prices are good on everything we have to sell and our crops were good.  Most all native cattle are doing good where they are fed bundle stuff in way of kafir corn, cane maize, alfalfa hay, __an hay or any kind of good roughness.

Our winter has been pretty cold, causing some heavy loss among cattle that have been shipped in from South and Southwest Texas.  There’s no __se of any one losing any cattle here from poverty.  The cattle men that lose cattle are those who feed cake without any hay.  The cattle that are shipped in here are of the ___ type, they are of all colors and mixed classes.  They don’t look good to the average cattle man here.  We __an _e about the best cattle around Hereford, that’s handled in Texas.  We have buyers from Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, Illinois, Nebraska and the Dakotas.

I planted 100 acres of seeded ribbon cane — like Missouri farmers plant corn — I listed my ground three times, planted cane with double row planter, cultivated it three times and ho d it once.  I cut same with a row binder, shocked it in shocks that averaged about 40 bundles to shock.  I let it stand in shocks until thoroughly dried out then I headed same with a k fe fastened on a header box.  I th es e 1125 bushels of seed from this 100 acre tract.  Sold the seed for 5 1/2 c per pound which brought me $3 08 .80 or a little better than $ 0.50 per acre for the seed. Some of this cane grew 9 feet tall and best of it made 70 bundles of feed on rows a quarter of a mile long that would weigh about 12 1/2 pounds to the bundle.  That would be 875 pounds to the row or 8  0 pound or a little better than 4 1/4 tons of feed for cattle to the acre.  I have 3 stacks of feed 140 feet long, 2 stacks 120 feet long and about 30 tons of threshed hay, cane heads, stalks, blades, etc.  I haven’t bought any feed, will have enough to feed 430 head of cattle the rest of winter, feed my horses, hogs and chickens next summer and will have enough left so I can sell some feed providing we don’t have to much snow and bad weather.

There are two men living at Dimmitt Texas, that made 32 1/2 bushels of cane seed per acre.  It is selling for $3.75 per bushel which will make a little over $100.00 an acre for cane feed.  Can you beat this in Missouri?

I look for corn to sell for $2.00 per bushel around Skidmore.  Look for good seed corn to sell at from $2.00 to $5.00 per bushel.  Save all your good corn. It’s going to be worth lots of money at planting time.

Grain is high here.  Texas will need more grain and hay this summer than ever before in its history.  The farmers in this drouth country will have to have feed to feed their work animals.

I had better quit handing you so much hot air, we need part of it here.

Yours truly, C. C. Slaughter.