How much are you worth?

With all the talk of money and status these days, we pause to reflect upon the following editorial, reprinted from an unnamed exchange, which appeared in the December 16, 1920 Skidmore News:

Dead Men’s Wealth.

How much are you worth?  Measured by the tape line of this world’s valuation, you are rich or poor, worth much or little, according to the dollars you own.  Measured by the rule of heaven you are worth just what you can take with you into the new life.  A man who possesses in this life a million dollars is not worth a cent after he is dead.  Bank books are out of place in a dead man’s coffin.  Shrouds have no pockets.  All the wealth of the universe could not purchase a single moment of time or help a man to retain his hold upon his earthly riches for one hour.  You are worth whatever of good deeds you have to your credit on the other side of life.  If you have been honest, upright, full of kindness and have builded your character along those lines, you are rich.  If you have been narrow-minded, covetous, grasping, hard-hearted, self-seeking, you are poor indeed, even though the wealth of a gold  mine is yours. — Ex.


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