Howden Gets Gold Medal

From the October 28, 1904 Skidmore Standard, page 1:

Skidmore Man Gets Gold Medal from World’s Fair.


A. F. Howden, a prosperous farmer who lives northwest of this city and who has a large display of corn at the World’s Fair, has just received word that he has been awarded a gold medal on his corn. He also took a cash prize on corn at Sedalia last spring. He has been shipping seed corn to other states the past two seasons and this will give him a world wide reputation as a corn raiser. The St. Joseph Gazette has the following to say of Mr. Howden’s corn:


“A. F. Howden of Skidmore, Mo., was in South St. Joseph yesterday morning exhibiting papers he had received from World’s Fair authorities notifying him that his corn display at that place had won for him the gold medal. Mr. Howden’s display at the state fair at Sedalia, won a cash prize.”