Humor – Skidmore Standard 1901-11-01

The following is an index entry from the Index to the Skidmore Standard, 1901.  Short entries are transcribed in the “Notes or transcript” field, while longer articles are summarized.  To obtain a copy of longer articles, contact your library’s Interlibrary Loan department or the State Historical Society of Missouri.

Last name, company name or subject:  Humor

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Notes or transcript:  “A young Higginsville benedict of only six weeks perpetrated a horrible crime Tuesday night. He took the trusty battleax which had been in the family for generations. He crept steadily around to the kitchen door, lest he wake his wife – this wife once the joy of his life, the acme of perfection. He shuddered at the thought of what he was about to do, but he wavered not in his fell purpose. It was his design to strike the blow while she slept. She would never be conscious of what had taken place. In a few minutes he was within. All was quiet. His wife was sleeping peacefully. Grasping the ax with both hands, he swung it around once, twice, thrice – then struck. The deed was done. Success was his. There was a dent in his wife’s first loaf of bread.”

Newspaper:  Skidmore Standard

Date (YYYY-MM-DD):  1901-11-01

Volume:  7

Issue:  28

Page:  2

Column:  3