J. W. George’s Mules

From the Kansas City Journal, as printed in the December 6, 1901 Skidmore Standard, page 1:

Span of Large Mules.

The largest span of mules on earth is at the Kansas City stock yards. Of course, they were bred in Missouri. “Jack” and “Jim” are their names. They are five years old, weigh exactly 1,820 pounds each, and each is 18 hands high.

“Jack” and “Jim” belong to J. W. George, who bred and raised them on his farm twelve miles from Harrisonville, Mo. They are half brothers, being out of different mothers. Their father is a gray jack, but their mothers are bays, and the mules are mouse colored. The remarkable proportions of “Jack” and “Jim” become manifest only when they are contrasted with others of their kind. The average mule weighs about 1,200 pounds, and is from twelve to fourteen hands high. Fourteen hundred pounds is an extraordinary weight. The other mules in mule barn No. 8, where they are being kept, look like pigmies beside these two.

Mr. George brought “Jack” and “Jim” to Kansas City to sell them. He has been offered $650, but has refused it. he thinks he ought to be given at least $850. he has worked them on his own farm one season, and guarantees them to pull anything that is loose.” — K. C. Journal.