James Anniversary, 1908

Happy anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. J. E. James.  We believe the couple in the article below are Jacob Edgar James (1869-1946) and Lola Martin James (1870-1968).  From the February 13, 1908 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Celebrate Anniversary.

Another of those delightful social times and sumptuous surprise dinners was enjoyed by fifty friends of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. James in their home last Saturday, the occasion being their fifteenth wedding anniversary.

To say they were surprised is putting it mildly; they were simply shocked.  The unsuspicious couple were busy about their Saturday work and preparing to go to town in the afternoon, when about eleven o’clock a.m., Mrs. James looked through the window and saw the buggy and carriage loads drawing in.  She realized at once what it meant, and said to Mr. James, “Oh!  It’s our wedding anniversary!”

It is said that in her excitement, Mrs. James rushed into the pantry and sat down upon the floor.  As to the truth of this statement, I cannot say, but both Mr. and Mrs. James will admit they were surprised.  But they were soon masters of the situation, and the day was enjoyed by all present.

Misses Neta Owens and Ona Wade played and sang several nice selections, and Rev. Sauceman, of Fillmore, rendered many beautiful songs which were much appreciated by all, as he has an excellent voice.  Mr. Martin was present with his graphaphone, which entertained and amused the children to say nothing of the older ones.

Rev. Jeffers made an appropriate prayer, after which Rev. Welton presented the willow rocking chair which was given by all present as a token of the love and esteem in which the family are held.

Late in the day all departed, wishing Mr. and Mrs. James many happy returns of their anniversary.

— One Who Was There.


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