James Barrett returns from South Dakota, 1907

Based on this account, we think we’d move south to Skidmore in January, too.  From the January 31, 1907 edition of the Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Back From South Dakota.

The relatives and friends of Jas. H. Barrett were somewhat surprised Tuesday morning when that gentleman made his appearance in this city.  He left his home in Dixon, S.D., on Thursday of last week, but spent two days in Omaha on his way here.

The weather in Dixon has been considerably colder than here this winter, the thermometer standing a greater part of the time at twenty to twenty-four degrees below zero.  A snow fell there the early part of this month and the fall was so heavy that in the low places the ground was covered to a depth of fifteen feet, while the higher ground was well covered.  A thaw soon followed the snow and then it grew colder again and a crust was formed and stock was unable to get any feed on the range and had to be fed.

The fuel question was solved by burning corn.  Mr. Barrett says that coal at his town sold for $18.00 per ton, but that it can be bought for $9.00 at the railway station.  Dixon is located about fifty miles from the railway and the extra nine dollars is added to cover the cost of freighting.

James will remain in Missouri until warm weather.


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