Job Goslee visits Blue Mills battlefield

Health news from the April 15, 1909 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Job Goslee Returns from Excelsior Springs.

Job Goslee returned Tuesday morning from Excelsior Springs, Mo., where he had been recuperating for several days.  While in that part of the state he called upon his old friend, Jasper Wheeler, formerly of Skidmore, now living near Liberty.  Mr. Goslee says that “Jas” has a beautiful farm and seems to be prospering nicely.  While visiting Mr. Wheeler they drove over to Blue Mills to visit the old fort and the historic Blue Mills battle field of civil war days.  The old fort is a government institution, formerly kept in order by Uncle Sam, but now abandoned and occupied by whomsoever that may see fit to occupy it.  The old battle field is particularly interesting to the people of this section, inasmuch as a number of our old-time citizens participated in the famous battle which took place there.  Among those of this neighborhood, whom we call to mind now, were:  Bill and John McDonald, Cal and James Culp, three of whom have answered to another and greater roll call.  James and Cal Culp are brothers of Elisha Culp, northeast of town, and the McDonalds have been known here since before the civil war.  James Culp was wounded on this battle field.


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