Jolly Picnic by a Jolly Crowd, 1909

Sunday School social news from the July 22, 1909 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 5:

A Jolly Picnic by a Jolly Crowd.

A jolly picnic was held by the Sunday school class Thursday, July 15, on the beautiful lawn of their teacher, C. E. Owens.  They were the merriest crowd of girls in this fair land of ours, and all came with well filled baskets at the noon hour, and a long table was spread to accommodate the guests.  Mr. and Mrs. John Owens had charge of this table and after the class of girls had partaken of the good things to eat, they had the honor of entertaining their superintendent, G. L. Owen.

Promptly at 3 o’clock J. O. Miller was on the ground with his fine “E. F. M.” car and all the girls were whisked away to the country for a nice long ride, which they enjoyed very much.  Mrs. F. H. Barrett and Mrs. J. O. Miller served the crowd with ice cream.

It was a jolly day by a jolly crowd and will be long remembered by all present.