July 4 Planning, 1900

A great big Fourth of July celebration to be held at Skidmore, Mo.  Good speakers morning and afternoon.  Good music by band and glee club. Amusements galore.  Foot races, jumping contests, base ball game, ring tournament and many other good attractions.  Plenty of shade and good water.

From the June 29, 1905 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri).

As the old saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child. Clearly, it also takes a village to plan a really good Fourth of July celebration, we see in this report from the June 15, 1900 Skidmore Standard:

Stand Rights Sold and Committees Appointed.

Interest in Skidmore’s celebration of the nation’s birthday this year is increasing with each passing day. The stand rights were sold Monday and at the meeting which was called immediately after the sale, a general arrangement committee was appointed with power to appoint as many subordinate committees as may be necessary, with the understanding that each committee be in charge of some member of the general committee which is composed of I. N. Sewell, J. F. Kellogg, Lee Chadduck, J. H. Grigsby and W. H. Hill.

At the committee’s first meeting, members were assigned various duties, with instructions to secure as many assistants as might be needed, as follows:

Music – Lee Chadduck;
Speakers – J. F. Kellogg;
Fire works – I. N. Sewell;
Decorations – J. H. Grigsby;
Amusements – W. H. Hill.

Mr. Kellogg named as his assistants in securing speakers, E. T. Duval and Rev. M. L. Alleshouse.

Mr. Sewell named T. L. Howden and E. D. French to assist in purchasing the fireworks.

The others are as follows:
Music – Mesdames A. H. Howden, F. W. Strickler, T. L. Howden, J. H. Grigsby, and Miss Conn. Messrs George Manchester and A. C. Dodds.

Decoration – Misses Ella Skidmore, Anna Medsker, Callie Grigsby, Edith Torrey, Edith Fuollerton, Jean Jardine, Pearl French, Lillie Conn, Daisy Beverlin, Carrie Torrey, Laura Ashbrook. Messrs A. C. Dodds, M. A. Sewell, George Porter, Lee Chadduck, Harry Hoblitzell, Ephriam Medsker, John Coberley, E. A. Miller and F. N. Campbell.

The celebration is something that each citizen in Skidmore is interested in and each one we feel safe in saying will be willing to lend a helping hand toward making it a great success.

Stratford Saunders and J. H. Grigsby were unanimously chosen president and marshal of the day, respectively.

The stand rights were sold to George Shultz and T. L. Howden; Mr. Shults to have two stands and Mr. Howden one. Shooting gallery and baby rack, to Michael Freece, cane rack, to Roy Garnett and Carl Coberley; phonograph stand, to John Goodwin.