Kellogg and Linville in Florida, 1918

From the January 17, 1918 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri):

Having Fine Time

How nice it would be if the power of suggestion were strong enough to carry us to that land of sunshine to be with our fellow townsmen, J. F. Kellogg and Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Linville, who are enjoying May weather that mr. Linville writes was prevailing in Florida on January 9, when we were just entering on our recent cold snap.  They are enjoying themselves to the fullest extent in the fine warm weather while we, here, can scarcely find comfort while well housed with roaring fires in our stoves and furnaces.

In a letter to his son, Fred, Mr. Kellogg expresses himself as enjoying his vacation immensely.  Among many other interesting things he tells of being a guest in the home of one of the natives, “crackers” they are called, of what is known as the peninsula along the eastern coast of Florida, near Vero.

The menus served during the visit when he was privileged to partake of the hospitality of this home follow:  For supper, fresh, raw and stewed oysters, baked and fried sweet potatoes and barley or rice coffee.  For breakfast: fried fish, mashed sweet potatoes, biscuits and coffee and for dinner; raw and stewed oysters, cabbage prepared two different ways, biscuits, fish, baked and fried sweet potatoes and black coffee.

The farm produced all the cereal and vegetable parts of the meals while the oysters and fish were secured from the waters of the river only a few feet from the doorway of the home.

One peculiarity about these meals was the absence of sugar, molasses, cream and butter.

In this letter Mr. Kellogg mentions that children are one of the chief products of these “crackers” and this home was blessed with five or six children, all of them girls but one.

Before his return home it is the purpose of Mr. Kellogg to pay the island of Cuba a visit, having purchased his ticket to Havana.