Knepper Family Reunion, 1911

From the September 28, 1911 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Family Reunion.

The home of Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Hays was the scene of a very pleasant reunion of the family of Mrs. F. S. Knepper, Sunday, Sept. 17, her sons and daughters all being present except D. H. Knepper of Gotebo, Oklahoma.  Those present were Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Keever and four daughters, Marie, Pearl, Naomi and Ruth, of Ft. Cobb, Okla., Mr. and Mrs. S. O. Keever and daughters, Gladys and Beulah, and son Ray of northeast Skidmore, Mrs. Emma Turner of Coffeyville, Kansas, H. E. Knepper of Stewartsville, Mo., C. C. Knepper and family and Rev. C. H. Sauceman and family.

About 2 o’clock p.m., Mr. Ashbrook and Mr. Ray Strickler appeared.  Mr. Strickler treated the children to a ride in his auto and Mr. Ashbrook took several pictures, one of the brothers and sisters, another of grandma and fourteen grand children, which was just half of the grand children.  Another of all present and last but not least one of the sons and son-in-laws present.

One of the bunch.