Lake Contrary Chautauqua, 1901

We sometimes find ourselves at a time when it is most undesirable to work.  Oh, for the cooler shores of Lake Contrary and the refreshing words of a fine Chautauqua!  From the July 26, 1901 Skidmore Standard, page 1:

Lake Contrary Chautauqua at St. Joseph, July 21 to August 4.

We are in receipt of a program of the Second Annual Chautauqua which will be held at Lake Contrary, St. Joseph, from July 21 to August 4.

The date of the Chautauqua comes at a time when it is most undesirable to work and those who are figuring on taking a few days vacation will find Lake Contrary an ideal place to spend the time. A comparison of this year’s program with all others will show that it is far superior in every respect. Unsurpassed transportation facilities, ample accommodations, liberal rates and modern charges enable the man of family and limited means to enjoy the entire program on the same footing as the wealthy man, and make the Second Annual Chautauqua at Lake Contrary the most popular and desirable of all such gatherings.

There are twenty-seven speakers and lecturers on the program. All the principle lectures will be at 3:30 in the afternoon at the Lake Casino with the exceptions of William J. Bryan on July 31, Rabbi Hirsch on July 31, Bishop Arnett on July 28 and Bishop Cleary on the closing Sunday, August 4, which will be held in the ampitheatre.

Anyone desiring further information should write Palmer L. Clark, assistant secretary, St. Joseph, Mo.