Lesson Learned

We think the editor learned his lesson: If you are going to forget to cover a news story, whatever you do, don’t let it be the story about the church ladies. From the December 14, 1900 Skidmore Standard, page 1:

In the publication of a newspaper it sometimes happens that the editor forgets a local happening and it fails to appear in the current week’s issue. When this occurs, nine times out of ten, that portion of the reading public interested in the event concludes that the pencil pusher left it out of the paper just because he didn’t want to say anything about it. They arrive at this conclusion hastily, without overly much reasoning; and they are wrong, absolutely, teetotally, wholly, entirely and altogether wrong. Now last week, we inadvertently left out a final summing up of the success attained by the M. E. church ladies in their bazaar which closed Friday evening of the preceding week. We take this occasion to apologize to the ladies for the oversight, and will say for their benefit and that of our readers, that the bazaar was about the most successful affair – financially and otherwise – that ever happened in Skidmore within two days. The ladies took in $175.00 and $150.00 of it was profit.

Bazaar Program.  At Opera House, Thursday Evening, November 29.  Overture - Mandolin Club. Song - Mixed Octette. Recitation - Miss Callie Grigsby. Vocal Solo - Master William Brown.  Piano Duet - Mesdames Pinkston and Grigsby. Song - Male Quartette.  Piano Trio - Mesdames Pinkston, Grigsby and Miss Callie Gribsby.  Vocal Solo - Miss Frances Montgomery.  Recitation - Miss Anna Medsker.  Music - Mandolin Club.  Vocal Duet, "Two Little Birds are We," Misses Beth McNaul and Fay Southwell, of Maitland.  Piano Duet - Mesdames Pinkston and Montgomery.  Vocal Solo - James Lawson.  Music - Mandolin Club.

Advertisement for the Skidmore, Missouri M. E. Church Bazaar, November 29, 1900. From the Skidmore Standard, November 23, 1900, page 4.