Letters Home: Frank Lehman

As we mark the days before Veterans Day, we’re looking back at some of the items the Skidmore News ran to feature the town’s soldiers and sailors.  Here’s one from the September 26, 1918 edition, page 1:

Is Squad Leader.

In a letter received by Mrs. W. C. Lehman from her son, Frank H. Lehman, who is in training at the U.S. Naval Training Station at Goat Island, California, he says he is getting along fine, is feeling good and gaining flesh, having gained ten pounds in two weeks.

That he is making good is shown from the fact tha the has been made squad leader and has charge of a squad of men.

Frank has not been sick a day since he entered the service.  His address is Frank H. Lehman, U.S. Naval Training Station, Goat Island, Camp Paul Jones, D. Co. 6, San Francisco, California.


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