Letters Home: J. H. Smith, 1918

From the October 24, 1918 Skidmore News, page 1:

A Letter from J. H. Smith.

The following letter was received from Henry Smith, by his brother, Charles, this week. It will be remembered that he was wounded about the 23rd of last June, mention of which was made in the News, about the time the news reached here:

Base Hospital No. 1, Oct. 3, 1918.
Dear Charles:–

Received yours of Aug. 27 and was certainly glad to hear that everybody was o. k. Just think, that was the first word that reached me in six months.

Am enjoying myself very much, but it will be some little time yet before my wound will be healed up.

We are having regular fall weather, quite cool and the nights make us cover up good and tight.

Haven’t seen any of the home boys since I got separated from the two that came across with me. Ross and Graves came across on that same boat with me, but we were separated as soon as we landed.

Will close for present,
Yours most truly,
J. H. Smith.