Letters Home: Oppie Ross, Still Alive

Are we the only ones who feel relieved at this news, even at a distance of almost 100 years? From the Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), March 27, 1919, page 4:

Still Alive

Pinson Les Grancey, France
Feb. 23, 1919

Skidmore News:–

I will endeavor to write you a few lines as it was reported that I was killed on November 8th, but it was a mistake as I am still alive and in the best of health.

We have lots of rain every day over here and the mud is hub deep. I have been hauling wood most every day and it is sure a hard job to get out of the woods with a load.

We don’t know when we will go back to the U. S. A., but don’t expect to return until after the peace is signed. We are trying to fix up the roads that we tore up for the French. This country is sure torn up.

I hear that there had been eleven of the boys from our midst killed in action, who will not return to Old Missouri. But they did their bit.

I had a letter from my brother, Wade and he is in Saffig, Germany and says that it is a nice country.

Rex Johnson is in Esch Luxemburg, and say it is sure a nice place there. The last I heard of Tom Hickerson he was in good health and driving an ambulance in the western part of this sector.

We are in a small village where only about 60 people live not counting the American soldiers.

Well I think this will assure all in regard to my whereabout and also to me still being alive and in good health.

Would love to hear from all.

Wag. Oppie H. Ross.
Hdqs. Det. 17th M. G. Bu. A. P. O.
777, 6th Div. A. E. F. France