Lightning Strikes L. D. Jordan’s House

Here’s some interesting weather news from the July 15, 1909 Skidmore New Era, page 4:

Lightning Struck House.

Lightning struck L. D. Jordan’s residence in town Monday morning about eight o’clock, doing considerable damage to building and contents, but fortunately no members of the family were injured.

The family had eaten breakfast.  Mr. Jordan was at the store, Mrs. Jordan and little son, Leonard, were in the sitting room, and two of the girls were in the kitchen washing dishes, when a bolt of lightning struck the chimney on the main part of the building, tearing the flue to pieces, throwing the brick above the comb of the roof in all directions.  The bolt seemed to follow the chimney down to the ceiling of the upper story, and some of its force was here carried off in different directions, and at the floor of the second story the remainder of the force was here scattered and most of it passed out of the house at the northwest corner. The plastering in four of the rooms was badly damaged, five windows broken by the concussion, and the carpets and furniture covered with soot and plastering.

Within a very few minutes after the flash a large number of neighbors were at the residence, some seeing the flash and others hearing the alarm that the house was on fire, and all ready to render any assistance they could.  But the building evidently did not catch in a blaze at any time.  Some ladies’ dresses hung on the wall of one of the upper rooms were literally torn to threads.

The greatest wonder is that the electricity could have run over the house in so many different places and no one in the house been hurt.