Lottie Wright’s Birthday

Some social news from the March 14, 1907 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Birthday Party.

Friday evening, March 8th, a goodly number of youthful guests assembled at the home of Miss Lottie Wright to celebrate their young hostess’ fifteenth birthday. A variety of jolly parlor games were indulged in during the evening, which was noticeably shortened by the unalloyed pleasure of all present.

Those who responded to the invitations were: Misses Lucy Barret, Viola Barber, Nita Strickler, Amy and Alma Barrett, Susa Saunders, Katie Rodman, Bessie Hitchcock, Bessie Porter, Lillie Smith and Frances Argo and Messrs. Chauncey and Emmet Lilttler, Ralph Russell, James and Melvin Reese, Elwood, John and Rob Barrett, Donald Ham, J. R. Thomas, Bert Strickler, Earl Jordan, Floyd Brown, R. G. and Quay Sewell, Jesse Barrett, Ray Blackney, Alonzo Barber, Everett Linville, Berman Deffenbaugh, Clarence Argo and Buell Horn.

At a late hour refreshments were served. The guests then retired to their respective homes after wishing their hostess many more happy birthdays.

Miss Lottie was the recipient of many acceptable presents which were suffiecient testimony of the donors’ regards for herself. The guests, without one exception, report a very pleasant and most enjoyable evening.

— One Who Was There