Lunch for 81 at Joseph Smock’s

The Skidmore Standard reported on one heck of a surprise party in its March 2, 1900 edition on page 3:

An Old-Fashioned Surprise

A large party of friends and neighbors of Joseph Smock’s gathered at their home 3 miles southeast of Skidmore, Wednesday morning, carrying well filled baskets. A few words explained the situation, and to say Joseph and wife were surprised, mildly expresses the matter. They were, however, equal to the occasion; doors were thrown open and all were made welcome. The kitchen was taken possession of and soon a dinner unsurpassed in excellence was smoking upon the table, to which 81 people did full justice. Joe and wife have lived the larger part of their lives here and they hold the esteem and good will of a large majority of the people. As they are soon to move to Oklahoma, they were given the surprise as a slight expression of the respect in which they are held by both old and young alike. The day was spent in music and conversation and it will be long remembered by those present. The many friends wish Mr. and Mrs. Smock unlimited success in their new home. – One Present.