Many Visitors at Medsker Home, 1905

From the August 10, 1905 Skidmore New Era, page 1:

Many Visitors.
The following persons have been visiting at the homes of R. G. Medsker and T. L. Howden. H. D. Cornish, wife and daughter of Osborn, Mo., Mrs. E. L. Robison and two daughters of Laclede, Mo., F. N. Campbell, wife, son and daughter of Muldrow, I. T., A. H. Goodpasture and wife of Maitland, M. E. Medsker, wife and son, west of this city.

Mesdames Howden, Cornish, Robison, Campbell and Goodpasture are daughters of Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Medsker and M. E. is a son. All of the children with the exception of Tilghman Medsker of Guilford were present at this home gathering.”