Martin Anniversary, 1909

Your humble storyteller asserts that all happy occasions are made happier by the presence of a generous supply of angel food cake and two freezers of ice cream.  From the July 29, 1909 Skidmore New Era, page 4:

Celebrates Wedding Anniversary.

On last Sunday, just before the noon hour, buggies and carriages loaded with people and baskets of good things to eat, began to arrive at the home of Mr. D. W. Martin to help him and Mrs. Martin celebrate their fortieth wedding anniversary.

Mr. and Mrs. Martin, who had not been notified of their neighbors’ intention, were found seated at the table quietly devouring apple dumplings.

Owing to the inclement weather there were a number invited who did not come, but there were about twenty present and everything good to eat.

There was a generous supply of angel food cake and two freezers of ice-cream, to which the men present did full justice.  Good music was furnished by the large Columbia phonograph and a jolly good time was had by all.  We wish Mr. and Mrs. Martin many more such anniversaries and hope we may be present to help celebrate them.

One Who Was There.