Maryville to Savannah via Skidmore

From the August 21, 1903 Skidmore Standard, page 1:

An Electric Railway.
Maryville to Savannah via Skidmore or Graham and Fillmore — Papers of Incorporation Already Filed.

After a great deal of talking and planning at last an electric railway seems feasible from Maryville to Savannah. A corporation, composed of Maryville business men, has been formed and papers filed. Following are the names of those who are promoting this up-to-date enterprise: Dr. J. M. Bradbury, J. C. Donnell, Judge J. L. Thompson, C. E. Bartlett, Adolph Lippman, Richard Kuch, S. H. Kemp and C. C. Graves.

The proposed line will run from Maryville through our city or Graham then through Fillmore to Savannah and there will connect with the electric road, to be run between there and St. Joseph. Fillmore and Graham will be greatly pleased and will, no doubt, make a strong bid for the road, as they are both inland towns. The road will embrace one of the most prosperous and productive countries in the United States. It will be about 70 miles in length, costing approximately $10,000 per mile. It will be able to compete with the steam railway and under rate them. A specialty of freighting farming truck will be made.

That this scheme will be a go is a certainty as the corporation has an eastern firm at their back and almost unlimited capital at their command.

The country through which this road will be run has long felt the need of just such an improvement and will do all in its power to make the venture a success.