McDonalds and Friends Have Good Time, 1906

The Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri) and its readers seemed to enjoy a good report of a party almost as much as the party itself.  Here are two examples from the September 13, 1906 edition, page 1:

Had a Good Time

On Sunday, Sept. 9, 1906, about forty invited friends and relatives of James M. McDonald and wife gathered at their home seven and a half miles northeast of Skidmore, and spent the day in a social good time.

The gathering was in honor of their guests, W. H. Rice and family of St. Joseph.  Music was rendered by several people present.  They also enjoyed themselves by playing games.  After all had partaken of the bountiful dinner which had been prepared by Mrs. McDonald, they left for their homes at a late hour, wishing them many more such happy occasions.

Those present were:  W. H. Rice and family of St. Joseph, J. C. Chestnut and family, Geo. T. Smith and family, H. D. McDonald and family, J. W. Linville and wife, E. E. St. Claire and wife, Ambrose Collins and wife, J. C. Busby and wife; Mesdames E. P. Powell, Florence Powell, S. S. Holt, Anna Crutcher; Misses Victoria Stephens, Nora Linville, Edie Owens; Messrs. J. W. Smith, H. A. Smith, Thomas Montgomery, A. D. Fellows, Robert Powell, Frank Tarpley, and Eben Small.

Later on that same page:

Entertained in Honor of Guests.

Friday, Sept. 7, 1906 witnessed a pleasant gathering at the home of H. D. McDonald, four miles north of Skidmore.  Those present were:  W. H. Rice and family, J. W. Linville and wife, Ambrose Collins and wife, J. M. McDonald and family, W. B. Collins and wife, Mesdames J. C. Busby, S. S. Holt, Miss Victoria Stephens, Messrs. W. A. McDonald, Clyde Busby, Francis O’Riley, and Eben Small.