Men’s Inaugural Supper, 1906

While Skidmore’s church ladies normally took first prize in any community supper endeavor, the men of Skidmore had a different idea in 1906.  From the Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), February 15, 1906, page 1:

Men’s Inaugural Supper.  Haynes Building, Skidmore, Mo., March 3d, 1906.

At the men’s meeting held at the M. E. Church last Friday night it was decided to have a supper in honor of Washington’s first inauguration to the Presidential chair.  All the labor at this supper is to be performed by men and boys.  The necessary expense that will be incurred in arranging and procuring this supper is to be defrayed by subscription.  The entire proceeds will be used for a memorial window for the M. E. Sunday School to be placed in their church now in course of construction.

The following persons have been appointed to act on the several committees.  They are earnestly requested to enter heartily into the duties assigned them.  The first person named in each committee is chairman of that committee and all other persons of that committee will receive their instructions from him.

Soliciting and Purchasing Committee:  G. Mark Brown, Ed Clark, Ed Patterson, C. T. Frost and Frank Barrett.

Table and Hall:  Howard Lyle, R. g. Medsker, Bert Garnett, Ray Reese, Ben French, John Owens, John Bodle, Claude Stults, Quincy Vance and Elias Patterson.

Cooks:  Ed Patterson, Ed Stokes and Wm. Miller.

Dish Washers:  Wm. McMillen, W. I. Kelley, C. H. Otis, T. L. Howden, J. E. James, J. T. VanAusdall, Jack Moorhead, Buel Horn, G. L. Owen, Myron French and M. A. Lyle.

Waiters:  H. W. Montgomery, J. B. Ross, Prof. Oakerson, Wm. Howden, Ray Strickler, M. A. Sewell, P. I. Haddan, Harry Barrett, F. C. Barber, Dave Wright, C. E. Owens, J. O. Miller, R. B. Foster, W. B. Price, Fred Howden, A. C. Dodds, J. W. Rodman and W. J. Skidmore.

Amusements:  Geo. Manchester, W. F. Wade, Theo. Gray, R. A. Walker and Geo. Ashbrook.

Advertising:  W. H. Welton, Ellwood Barrett, Jesse Barrett, Harrison Lyle, Lawrence Howden, Berman Deffenbaugh, Wm. Brown, Clyde Stevens and Wig Moorehead.

Pages:  Neal Montgomery, Byron Owen, Earl Bodle, Lannie Reese and Jim Parrish.

Reception:  W. H. Welton, W. C. Rice, W. A. Haynes, W. R. Linville, E. T. Duval, W. H. Hoblitzell, T. P. Moorhead, Dr. Lee, Dr. Pierpoint, Dr. Shepard, B. A. Bagby, D. F. Mitchell, W. R. Reynolds, G. D. Fullerton, Sam Bender and Stratford Saunders.

As this is the only official notice that will be given the several committeemen, you will please take this for authority to act and also to be sure and be present.

One word to the ladies, we want you to come out and assist us with your presence (and money).  This is where Everybody works but Mother, and she can have a good time.

Anyone wishing further information regarding this event can get the same by applying to Rev. W. H. Welton, Pastor, or to G. L. Owen, Superintendent.


The event went well, as we see from the March 8, 1906 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

The Men’s Supper.

The Men’s Inaugural Supper has past into history, and in spite of the many obstacles that appeared in the way, it was the making of very pleasant history.  The roads were nearly impassable and there were but few country people, and without the help of the surrounding country Skidmore is in a bad way, but those that faced the roughness of the night and the bad condition of the roads were fully paid for their trouble.

There was but one hitch in the program, that was the large light that was to illuminate the front part of the building was out of repair.  This was not known until dark and there was no time to substitute another lamp, but if it was not quite as light in the front of the building, none of the young folks registered a complaint, as they felt well satisfied with the light conditions.

The building Committee worked hard and had things in readiness, and the cooks and dish washers were there with the “goods” at dark, and as soon as the crowd began to demand supper the waiters appeared as if by magic, and they all made a nice looking crowd arrayed in aprons. The reception committee were also there trying to make all as comfortable as possible.

At 10:30 p.m. they closed the first men’s supper ever held in Skidmore, and all pronounced it a success.

The following is a statement of the financial part of the affair:

Received on subscription – $18.00
Receipts of the evening – $43.70
Total receipts – $61.70
Expenses – $29.08
Net profit – $32.62.

The superintendent and pastor ask us that we thank all who so liberally assisted us in work and by subscription and patronage.