The Metz: A Roadster of Great Merit

A mere decade before, automobiles were a curiosity on Skidmore streets. By 1913, there were ads in the Skidmore New Era like this one from the June 5, 1913 edition. Take none of their dust, and go for 32 miles on one gallon at a cost of under $500? Sounds good to us.

"The Metz" I take pleasure in saying to the people of this community that I have the agency for the Metz automobile, a roadster of great merit.  The Metz is the simplest car ever constructed, easiest of operations, economical of upkeep running from 28 to 32 miles on one gallow of gasoline and rides like a touring car.  The Metz is a friction drive, the strongest and most dependable drive known, no cogs to tear out or batteries to give way, running on high tension magneto with set spark.  A form cylinder fully equipped 22 h.p. car weighing 1100 lbs, speed 5 to 50 miles per hour and say boys with all respect to our brother dealers in high priced cars.  I positively and with emphasis say if you drive a Metz you take none of their dust.  Think of it, a car costing less than $500.00, performing as well and in instances better than cars costing from three to five times the cost of the Metz.  If you are in the market for a roadster car and will give me a chance, I will sell you a car with a guarantee as strong as that of any other car and at the same time save you in cash from $300 to $500.  Now if I fail to prove the truth of any of the above statement it is the cigars to the whole crowd.  Before you buy find out the Metz and I will thank you. A. S. Cordell, Quitman, Mo.

A. S. Cordell was the man to see if you wanted to buy a Metz in Nodaway County in 1913.


For those more inclined toward the top-of-the-line, we offer this from the same edition of the paper:

A Car With a “Music Box”

Willie Limbaugh of Clearmont, grandson of the late Jacob Limebaugh, was in Skidmore Tuesday driving a new $3,500 National. This car beside being a high grade machine, had some $600 worth of fixtures and “furniture” attachments. Among some of the extras, was a Gabriel horn, a whole brass band with a pipe organ or two thrown in. It was said to be lighted with a search light, with sufficient power to see to read a common newspaper five-eighth of a mile away.

Willie is a great boy and has ideas of which his wealthy grandfather never dreamed. He is said to have ordered now, a racer car with a 120 h.p. engine.