Miss Alberta Bragg Sings in Old Home Church

From the November 12, 1914 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri):

Sang in Old Home Church.

Quite a number of Skidmore citizens, Messrs and Mesdames J. O. Miller, J. C. Spahr, R. A. Walker and H. W. Montgomery, Mrs. Orea and Mrs. Inez Loucks and Miss Minnie Kramer and Miss Burnace Walker and Mr. A. C. Dodds drove to New Point Sunday to hear the talented and accomplished Miss Alberta Bragg sing in her old home church.

Miss Alberta Bragg has spent three years in Paris, France, taking voice culture and languages.  She has been engaged with a Grand opera company, but had to break her engagement on account of the war in Europe. She is now home for a visit with relatives and friends and will be in Skidmore in the near future.  She may favor her friends here with a public recital.