More Sidewalk Troubles

The Skidmore Standard and its successor, the New Era, often spoke out about the need for good sidewalks in town.  Here is another opinion piece on that same theme from the June 2, 1903 Skidmore Standard:

A Sort of a Nuisance.

The way the new side walk is being put in on the north side of Elm street is not calculated to enhance the beauty of that part of town very much.  If it has a few more in the street and out of the street jogs, a fellow will almost need to fill up on tangle-leg to follow the crooks, but heaven pity him if he gets started on the wrong leg.  It is bad that the walk is going down the way it is.  The city council have done what they could in the matter without putting the city, or the parties interested, to any extra expense or trouble.  But it looks now like something will have to be done about the matter. No doubt the council could condemn the property that has been thrown out to public use for years and widen the street and make the property owners put the walk back to their buildings.  But that would be some expense.  And would the citizens be willing that the council should do that?  If so let them encourage the city council in the matter.

More advice to the council appeared further down on the same page:

Another Walk.

Now as the new walk will soon be completed on the north side of Elm street, a crossing should be extended eastward across the railroad to the corner southwest of the M. E. church.  A crossing has been needed at the place mentioned for a long time and we believe the council will see the necessity of making a walk there.