More Success for the Skidmore White Triangles

The Skidmore ladies’ basketball team had some success against other area teams in 1906. Here’s another account from the sports page of the Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri) — in this case, also the front page — on December 20, 1906:

Skidmore Girls Victors Again.

Rodman’s Hall was the scene of a very close game of basket ball last Friday evening.

This was played by a team composed of Oregon young ladies and a team of girls here who call themselves the “White Triangles.” The Oregon team was accompanied to this place by a goodly number of rooters. They came upon the field confident they would win the game, but after the struggle was over they found that they had met a team of girls who play the game just a little better than they do, for at the end of the second half it was found that the score stood 19 to 18 in favor of the Skidmore girls.

The game began about nine o’clock and the playing was fast and furious. At the end of this half the score stood Oregon 6, Skidmore 13. Ira Porter acted as referee during the first half and did his best to give both teams a square deal. When play began in the last half, Miss Dungan, of Oregon, acted as referee. It may be she tried to do the fair thing, but to all who are familiar with basket ball rules it looked as though she was giving the Oregon team an unfair advantage. Nevertheless when time was called it was found that Skidmore led by one score.

The Skidmore girls should feel that they had won a great victory, not only for the reason that the Oregon girls play very fast ball, but because the decisions of the referee in the last half were decidedly in favor of their opponents.

A game of this popular sport has been arranged for tonight (Thursday) between the Fairfax and Skidmore boys. This will undoubtedly be a most interesting contest as Fairfax has a very strong team, and everyone knows the kind of game Skidmore puts up. You had better attend if you enjoy the sport.

Basket Ball!  There will be a basket ball game between the Maryville and Skidmore High School Teams in the Kellogg Building, Friday, December 30, beginning at 8 o'clock p.m., sharp.  This is the opening game for the High School this season.  Attend this game and boost for your home team.  The ladies are especially invited. No boisterous or profane language tolerated.  Admission: 25c for gentlemen and 15c for ladies.

From the December 29, 1910 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 9.