Mothers and Daughters Banquet

Skidmore citizens enjoyed a good party, and the local paper was happy to report when a good time was had by all.

From the May 25, 1922 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), here’s an announcement:

Mothers’ and Daughters’ Banquet.

The men of the M. E. South and Christian churches will serve a banquet to the mothers and daughters of the two churches this evening at the Christian church.  There will be no charge, and every woman of the two congregations is urged to attend.  Mothers are requested to bring daughters if possible. The ladies will give a program.

Menu:  Sandwiches, pickles, coffee, ice cream, cake.

A luncheon will be served in the dining room of the M. E. church tomorrow evening, for the mothers and daughters of the congregation.  A charge of 25 cents per plate will be made, and every mother is requested to bring someone’s daughter.  The men of the church will serve the luncheon, and a program will be given by the ladies.  The menu is being kept a secret, but the men say it will be worth the price.


There was another banquet the following year.  From the May 24, 1923 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Mothers and Daughters Banquet Big Success.

Monday Evening Function Attended by 112 Mothers and Daughters.

The Mothers and Daughters banquet that was held in the M. E. church South, Monday evening of this week was one of the most enjoyable social affairs that has taken place in Skidmore in many a day.

A hundred twelve women and girls were present and they all enjoyed themselves immensely.

The banquet tables were spread in new basement dining room of the church, which is an ideal place for affairs of this character, and the serving of the eats, which included a first course of home boiled ham sandwiches, pickles and coffee, and a second course of ice cream and cake, was done by a committee of men and boys from the three churches.

After the banquet, the tables were cleared and the following program of which “The Friendly Road” was the theme, was carried out, Mrs. E. R. Bird acting as toastmistress:


“Our Companions on the Road” — Mrs. Hazel Weddle.

“Our Guiding Friends” — Agnes Barrett.

Songs — Led by Miss Eula Miller.

Short Talks — “Wholesome fun,” Mrs. Lura Twaddell, Mrs. Hazel Garnett, and Tena McClain.

Vocal Solo — Jessie Barber.

Short Talks — “Milestones,” Mrs. A. Hill; “The Friendly Road,” Mrs. Lee Beverlin.

Reading — “The House by the Side of The Road,” Nina McKnight.

“The Fork in the Road” Mildred Barrett.

Solo — “I Would Be True,” Grace Cottrell.

Reading — Ellanor Sewell.

Address — “Ideal Womanhood,” Mrs. Inez Loucks.

Solo — “Jesus Calls Us,” Eula Miller.

Song — By Mothers and Daughters.

Benediction — Mrs. Ed Shell.

As a toastmistress, Mrs. Bird is most excellent and her witty and appropriate introductions of the various speakers were especially enjoyable, and the fine talks given by the different speakers showed that great care had been used in their preparation.

Throughout the evening songs tending to make the fellowship stronger and sweeter were sung.

One in attendance remarked that those who failed to avail themselves of the opportunity to attend the banquet were surely losers.