Mr. John German Stung by Bees

The front page of the July 13, 1900 Skidmore Standard was full of medical news. Mrs. B. W. Holt fell and suffered a severe break to her thumb. Mr. John German also encountered some bad luck:

Stung By Bees.

While John German was plowing corn Thursday he was dangerously stung by bees. He is renting part of the D. Ward King farm and was there when it happened. His little girl was riding on the cultivator and was stung several times.

The bees had swarmed on a hill of corn and were unnoticed until Mr. German plowed into them. He was stung in so many places that the poison sickened him and he could do nothing with the team which was stung so badly that it ran away. The horses became entangled in the harness but help nearby cared for them.

The poison had taken such effect on Mr. German that he could not sit up to be carried home. Blood was oozing out over his face while his head and body were swelled to immense proportions. Medical aid was called and he was soon out of danger and is now completely recovered. – Maitland Herald.