Mr. Montgomery Visits

The Skidmore Standard (Skidmore, Missouri) was faithful in its reporting of who visited whom and of accounts of sickness and health. It hit the jackpot in its January 12, 1900 edition when it reprinted this item from the Holt County Sentinel:

Mr. Robert Montgomery has returned from Skidmore, where he had been looking after his business interests, and visiting his son, Hi. He also paid a visit to our old former fellow townsman, Geo. B. Chadduck, and his legion of friends down this way will be glad to learn that he is very much improved in health; the paralytic condition of his limbs and arms is very much reduced, being able to use his left arm and also move the fingers of the left hand, this being the side affected by the stroke. He is also able to control the use of his legs to some extent, and is able to walk some with the aid of some one. His children and immediate friends at Skidmore are greatly encouraged, and his old Oregon friends will send up their silent prayers for a permanent and speedy recovery. It would be a great pleasure to us all to see him on the streets of Oregon once again and hope we may be able to do so when spring comes again. Mr. M. also stated to us that he had the pleasure while at Skidmore, of seeing Mr. and Mrs. Kellogg, who are making their home with their son, Fred. Mrs. Kellogg will be remembered by many of our citizens as one of the teachers of our public school a number of years ago, having charge of the primary department. We are glad to know of their good health. — Holt Co. Sentinel.