Mrs. C. E. Owens Entertains at Tea

Social news from the March 19, 1914 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 12:

Gave a Tea.

Mrs. C. E. Owens entertained at tea last Thursday afternoon from two to five.  In the receiving line was Mrs. Owens and Mrs. Paul Bear of Anacortes, Washington.  Dainty refreshments were served by Mrs. John Owens, Mrs. Clyde Thompson of Mound City and Miss Jauneta Owens.

The invited guests were Mesdames W. R. Linville, J. O. Miller, W. H. Welton, B. E. Wood, E. T. Duval, Lulu Ryan, Taylor Brown, H. T. Barrett, W. A. Strickler, W. J. Skidmore, D. R. Baker, M. A. Sewell, T. C. Gray, W. M. Howden, Mary Garnett, Emmogene Moorhead, George Manchester, John Ashbrook, Charlie Beverlin, S. Saunders, J. W. Rodman, Ray Strickler, W. S. Linville, Emma Hutt, Frank Albright, J. F. Patton, Arch Hitchcock, R. A. Walker, E. D. French, Ben French, J. C. Spahr, Mark Loucks, H. W. Montgomery, W. H. Hoblitzell, G. L. Owen, J. E. James, Roy Morgan, Wood Gillispie, Will Charles, Eula Hall, Floyd Shell, H. P. Manning, F. H. Barrett, Nora Sewell, L. N. Torrey, J. E. Pierpoint, A. E. Case, G. C. Ashbrook, Mervyn Gray, Misses Susa Saunders, Dora Albright, Anna Linville, Minta Howden, Bernice Walker, Elma Rodman, Carrie Torrey, Susa and Mary Ashbrook.


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