Mrs. G. I. Riley’s 62nd Birthday

From the March 21, 1918 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

62nd Birthday Surprise

Sunday, March 17, was Mrs. G. I. Riley’s 62nd birthday, and her children and some of her neighbors took advantage of the opportunity to show her they had not forgotten that it was the anniversary of her birth and, without her knowledge, they brought to her home a specially prepared dinner and were busily engaged in placing it on the table when she came home from church and opened the door she was happily surprised to find the self-invited guests and noticed the table all laden with the good things they had brought.

It is unnecessary to say that it was an enjoyable occasion, for a surprise birthday dinner is always fraught with pleasurable associations.

Those who helped to make the dinner the success it was were:  Mrs. Riley, her daughter, Mrs. Will Trimmer and two children Joy and Lola, of Mound City, her son Martin and his family, and Oto, another son and his wife, her neighbors Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Brown and Howard Meyers, a friend of Mound City.